About Me

My name is Dov Berger.  I am trained as a sofer STa”M – a Jewish ritual scribe, charged with writing, maintaining, and repairing Torahs, tefillin, mezuzahs, and megillahs.  I have written multiple copies of the books of Esther, Song of Songs, and Ruth, and one copy each of Koheles and Eicha, as well as several mezuzahs.  Additionally, I am in the process of writing a Torah.

In addition to my work as a sofer, I also create Jewish art, primarily in the form of papercuts.  My papercuts are based in the Eastern European Jewish papercut tradition, and draw on the traditional symbolism and textual additions of this art form.  I also, both on my own and in collaboration with other artists, create kesuves and other Judaic texts.

I live in upper Manhattan with my wife, daughter, dog, and two cats.